Strategi manajemen-kelas guru untuk meningkatkan minat berbahasa inggris pada siswa SMP

Marina Dwi Mayangsari


Interest can grow if there is a push from the environment. Students will be able to increase their interest in English if they feel the encouragement of the teacher through a good classroom management strategy. This study aims to determine the description of teacher classroom management strategies in improving English interest in junior high school students. The research method used interview and observation technique. The subjects of this study were 8th grade students of SMP Al-Mazaya Banjarmasin amounted for two people, namely R and K. Based on the result, both students are less interested in English, but due to good teacher classroom management their interest in English increasing. Teachers' strategy is to provide responsiveness, give attention, admonish, give reward, and able to know and solve student problems. The teacher's approach is considered to be quite helpful for junior high school students to increase their interest in English.

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